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few new charts for April 12, 04 am EST






all new charts at April 10, 04 am

USDRUR — continue the flow UP; now we can have almost full picture of turn up at scale 4


AAPL — no changes, stable

AIG — near turn dw

OIL — no changes

SBUX — light destabilization at scale 1

SP500 — scale 1 & 2 — breakout down

GOLD — almost no changes; probably «not yet»

EURUSD — no changes yet

Price Flow Theory (PFT) and Price Flow Analysis (PFA): what they can do?

Why do I think PF-Analysis can help to understand and to make better decision?
To answer this question we first have to answer: what does not allow to any person to make right decision?
Everybody knows that there are a looooot of reasons, but my answer: the most important is — a delay. The Dramatic Delay (DD 🙂 ) appears to be a shadow for any person’s action on the market.

Leave the 21 sources of the DD (just saying that DD is included in the nature of the exchange and any other noisy data) and find out how PFA can decrease it.

Do not pay attention to attempts to predict the market: it’s not helpful and for many people it is very dangerous: they easily become the blind slave of their own prediction.

Let’s return to the PFA and the basic purpose of the PFT: honestly answer to the question: what is going on now?

PFT gives us the important addition to the question saying: «what is going on at that particular scale now?» And allows to choose the main and the secondary scales of the process (MS and SS).

For RURUSD scale 4 was choosed as the MS and scale 3 as SS while scale 1 and 2 are supporting scales for scale 3. Configuration at scale 3 (called «crane») shows us very possible turn up of bisector at the next turn up of the channel. It means that if it will happen we will see at scale 3 turn up of the channel of scale 4 before (!) it could been seen at scale 4 charts. It gives us an advantage and decreases our delay if we decide to enter in the channel moving up.

In other words» the PFA at Secondary Scale allow us to get information about that is going on at Main Scale before it become confirmed there.

For RURUSD this point of unconfirmed turn up is the point to exit from down channel and 1st risky point to enter up.

next posts will be about «how to enter in the channel» and about another advantages which can be taken from applying of the PFT

striking pictures from the market

Sometimes what is considered to be random processes, as if laughing, gives an amazing picture. Here are some examples:

this is an example of regular oscillations in the microscale (the scale of 5 seconds), and each straight line after the pivot point — it is a forecast rate,% of matches can not be an accidental


it is even more beautiful explanation of what kind of prediction of the unperturbed dynamics is possible within PFT and PFA (SG-analysis)


and it is fantastic for fans of drawing patterns; for cooling will say only once managed to find a fan base which can be reduced to one point 🙂 but nice!


so it is sometimes possible to predict the nature of further fluctuations when there is no disturbance (rose line is a prediction)


and this is the fruit of reinventing the wheel: while processing technique similar to theRange Bar (about which I learned later), but the meaning and interpretation of the obtained within TPTs — have a completely different sound

on the charts — the same dataat different compression magnitude, which leads to a nonlinear compression-decompression time in a different medium (sorry for the bells and whistles)


let’s take a look on few stocks and wide market index from PFT and SG-analysis point of view

this is AAPL; «logical» question: is it a time to short it? reasonable answer is: no, it isn’t a time to short because upside price flow is strong enough and there are no any sign of destabilization; may be a small cloud at scale 1: amplitude is slightly increasing but it is local in time; looks like huge amplitude increase at scale 4 creates a huge downside potential; it’s possible but not right now; further more if you can control a position closely it is not a bad time to enter UP;

this is AIG since Dec 2010 (4th chart); direction is obviously UP, stability is high; some amplitude increase at scale 2 may be easily «eaten» by high-quality flow at scale 4

this is SBUX itself; scale 4 looks like the same as at AAPL, but stability is testing now at scales 1 and 2; but there is no breakout yet, so diagnosis is «stable up»

S&P 500: scale 4 shows: abnormal high speed up with acceleration, breakout in the main direction and very tiny channel — everything is a sign of crazy buying market; and there are no clear signs of instability; the end of this strong upward flow will be after breakout of the configuration at scale 2 and higher; what will be after that — we will see soon («soon» in terms of PFT may take a long time but it obviously be some days or more probably weeks).

In conclusion we emphasize that all the scales for each instrument are specially selected to show the essence of the process; all indicators are built, of course, in accordance with the SG-analysis of the Price Flow Theory, using programs developed by Sergei Gladyshev and Alexander Emelyanov for MetaTrader-4.