striking pictures from the market

Sometimes what is considered to be random processes, as if laughing, gives an amazing picture. Here are some examples:

this is an example of regular oscillations in the microscale (the scale of 5 seconds), and each straight line after the pivot point — it is a forecast rate,% of matches can not be an accidental


it is even more beautiful explanation of what kind of prediction of the unperturbed dynamics is possible within PFT and PFA (SG-analysis)


and it is fantastic for fans of drawing patterns; for cooling will say only once managed to find a fan base which can be reduced to one point 🙂 but nice!


so it is sometimes possible to predict the nature of further fluctuations when there is no disturbance (rose line is a prediction)


and this is the fruit of reinventing the wheel: while processing technique similar to theRange Bar (about which I learned later), but the meaning and interpretation of the obtained within TPTs — have a completely different sound

on the charts — the same dataat different compression magnitude, which leads to a nonlinear compression-decompression time in a different medium (sorry for the bells and whistles)

%d такие блоггеры, как: