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here the main explanation of the motives and promises are presented, and there are answers to some FAQ

1. The fact that many traders are not satisfied with modern technical analysis — has long been known.
The question is: are all written and developed wrong? It turns out that «not enough», and «just» is not an indicator or signal generators, which always gives good signals. Therefore, under some conditions must be applied one, and in others — another or the same «one», but with different settings.

2. In the study of human activity on the stock exchange, there is a natural question: why a person can make 10 consecutive operations in the minus? The answer to this question usually leads researchers in the field of psychology and gives an answer like «the fool». Leads to the field of psychology — that is understandable, but it leads out from what?
We have formulated the above question this way: «how have to be organized exchange to the average person making a non-random operations could get 10 cons in a row?» The finding the answer to this (right) question allows us to create a market model in which the average man with his small capital is a direct goal of not-mean participants. (*)

3. In general, the answer to the question of clause 2 is as follows:
to make the average person always lose:
— to do it always late «in phase»;
— to change regularly (quasi-) period (**) for people, being late do no accidentally hit back «in phase»;
— regularly run cycles in a row: one after another without a break, so there was no time to sync.
But to do this the «phase» should be in this process which should be fairly random, so do not to be predictable. One would think: well, what phase in a random process? But if you look closely, we do not need all the strict phase of the cycle, it is enough to have the discrete uncertain phase, which is described in the paper.

4. How to make a person all the time late? Human activity on the exchange consists of sequential steps: (search) analysis, input, analysis, output, and so in the cycle. Each of these steps requires time and is made from natural delay due to the presence of «noise» in data or the natural delay in receipt of information. That is, average person is late «a priori». Suffice it linger a little longer with one of the actions (which naturally happens), and it is shifted «out of phase» not only in this cycle, but in the next too! That’s it: the goal is reached.

5. The Price Flow Theory and SG-analysis were born as a result of such reasonings. It is does not mean that all on the stock exchange made for the average person. The «average» — the notion of a generalized, it’s the one who can be eaten in this jungle, although there may be only yesterday he was a predator.

6. Why study and understanding? It is very important (psychologically) to put themselves to the market in the right position and most importantly, do not let yourself be drawn into what is usually called the «trading». One of these provisions — that the observer from the sidelines. SG-analysis allows you to comfortably watch.

7. Of course, by itself SG-analysis without PFT is less effective than applications based on the theories and laws. The analysis done properly allow to see that much hidden becomes obvious. The whole terminology of analysis (and of the application) has been modified to divert the user from the stereotypes of the market, extremely strong and actively interfering the understanding of that is happening.

(*) — The best formulation of the principle of the inner exchange engine has been made by my former student Sergei Novikov. He said: «The Exchange is a system that feed on money, time and emotions of people.» Class! How not to recall the basic idea of «The Matrix»? Any further analogies are proper, but are beyond the scope of this paper.

(**) — The second win-win for professional participants of the exchange option — it is to cause a person to twitch often, then the brokerage commission «eat» the capital.
basic question:

1. Does this new approach to the analysis of something to make a profit from the work of the stock market?
basic answer:
yes and no
because the market — is the environment for lose money, so the average person out there can not survive
it is about how to swim in sulfuric acid
so we are working on an automaton who can «think» in accordance with the PFT
work is going not too fast, but we are moving in the right direction

2. why do I decided to publish this material?
to continue the work necessary forces and means — hope to attract so;
I want to gather together all the research in a separate work and to obtain feedback

Sergey Gladyshev
Edited: January 2012
© Sergei Gladyshev, 2011

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