what’s new in the Zoo

for 2 days it must not be too many news just few

AAPL — it’s not «u-turn down» yet — it is a first stage of the destabilization on the way Up


AIG — all scales large then 2 are stable


SBUX — Amplitude increase at scale 2 is very important. The future scenario depends on how this destabilization will be absorbed by the main flow at scale 4.


GAZP — destabilization at scale 1 probably cause the u-turn Up at bigger scales.


GOLD — not strong but presented signs of possible u-turn Up here has not been realized. Waiting.


OIL — if flow at scale 2 will u-turn Up we can see clear destabilization and possible u-turn Dw at scale 4.


RURUSD — probably the time of the prediction is over: the process is starting to fill out the main channel at scale 4. Perspective at scale 4 is more for  continuing Dw with Amplitude decrease. Will see.

EURUSD — actually nothing new: the main flow is still Dw.


S&P-500 — as I’ve assumed 2 days ago: «easy prey» was taken and now we have more difficult «target» for «bulls» — to stabilize of destabilized flow Up at scale 2 and to continue the process at scale 3 without significant pullback. Configurations art all scale are very clear that usually means that market is under strong pressure and allow for outside observers to understand what is happening.


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